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Scary Maze Game Variations

Shakey McGee

Shakey McGee

There are Scary Maze Game variations out there with slight differences in visual part or scaring effects or even gameplay. But I’d be lying if I said there is a real difference between these games; goal of the game is the same, gameplay process is basically the same no matter how you put it and the scaring effect is also the same. It would be rather disappointing if you expect some kind of sequel to the original game really, only actual difference you will find is a game style and visuals.

Not The Maze But Scary Game

Reason why this game is so popular is its scaring effect and no matter how to try replicating it, idea will be the same, more scarier pictures or sound effects won’t change much if you already know what to expect. But other developers found squeezed the best they could of this game and used the different effect which is not as scary as it is straining. Yes, I’m talking about Shakey McGee game, many of you probably know this game already but those who don’t should click the Shakey McGee image to play the game. Opposed to SMG, it has no scaring effect but it is more playable and it is more addictive, also challenging. In this game, you need to help shakey guide his thread hand. Game is actually harder then it may seem at first. First level is easy because it is like a tutorial but later it gets more challenging. While most of you may not find needle threading challenge interesting, it only takes couple of seconds to get hooked to this game.  On the side note, just like the SMG, Shaking McGee is also a pleasant surprise to your friends.

If you’re a game designer and trying interested in making games like SMG, check out this post about how to change horror scenes in scary maze game.

Shakey McGee

Shakey McGee


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