Worlds Hardest Game

About Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game DX

Scary Maze Game DX

About Scary Maze Game

Game is older then you may think. Jeremy Winterrowd created the original Scary Maze Game in 2003. As you probably know, SMG is a browser game (flash based) and requires Adobe Flash Player to play it. Commonly, this game is presented to the player that is completely unaware of the game nature or what it is about. Some people consider this game as an Internet prank which in a way is true. Thing that you may not know, who is that scary lady on the picture that pops up in the game; if you’ve seen the movie The Exorcist you may know the Linda Blair / Regan MacNeil character, that’s the person on that image. In other variations of the SMG we meet Darth Vader from famous Star Wars series. You could find literally thousands of videos on YouTube showing recorded reactions of the “victims”, some scream like mad, some people jump out of their chairs and some go into shock. You can watch one of these videos on this blog, below the post.

Game Mechanics

Game mechanics of SMG is simple: there is a maze and small dot on the screen; player controls the dot through the computer mouse, objective is to bring this dot to the other side of the maze. Once you bring it to the exit, one level is cleared and then the other one, more difficult level starts. Hard part is, you shouldn’t touch any of the walls around, if you do, you will fail and the level will restart. Scaring effect takes place when you touch the wall, this is where the scary image pops up, and for the people who have no knowledge about this game it is pretty much shocking.  Scaring image doesn’t pop up always though, usually it happens when you have already cleared first level and maze gets more complicated, that is when the player is focused most.


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