Worlds Hardest Game

Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game

Most of you probably know  Scary Maze Game, flash game designed for scaring the $rap out of you and your friends. I have to admit, the game has surprising element, so big it could literally make you scream out loud, not to mention the fact that some people jump out of their chairs. Game itself, its mechanics is not complicated at all, nothing special and nothing original, just a regular maze game. In theory, “scaring” effect shouldn’t apply when you play the game second time, because of obvious reason, you already know what to expect! Surprisingly, people love to play this game over and over many times, what’s not surprising is how quickly it spreads over the internet, everybody shares this game through the social networks, why wouldn’t they, it is an excellent way to scary the Jesus out of your friends and boyfriend /girlfriend. More information about Scary Maze at Blog.

Scary Maze Game Gameplay

Gameplay of the scary maze game is not something you’d call epic but it has some bright moments and it is kind of addictive. When you play the game for the first time, you will not care about gameplay or anything else other then get rid of adrenaline rush triggered by this game; second thing that comes to your head is to scary your friends and family and the last thing you think about is the actual gameplay, not something you see every day, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s put aside the scaring effect and talk about the actual gameplay. Even without the scary lady poping up on the screen, game has some thrilling moments, you try to concentrate so hard to avoid collision, failing definitely makes your heart beat faster. This kind of psychological moment is not so much rare in gaming world as it is in Puzzle and maze games; unlike regular maze games where all  you do is blindly trying to escape the maze, in Scary Maze Game you have extra motivation. So yes, gameplay has its moments, and it is challenging too at some point.

Games Like Scary Maze Game

It is actually surprising that there aren’t much games like SMG, because that’s what usually happens, when a decent game appears on the market, other developers try to replicate it and depending on the game popularity, more variations keep appearing. Something you need to know about SMG is that the game is extremely popular, 10x more than other games that have a lot more replicas, which is why it is so surprising. But to actually answer the question if there are any other games like SMG, the answer is yes. There are variations for the actual (original game) Scary Maze Game 1,2,3,4,5,6 and couple of games alike. But if we forget about the genre (maze) and consider other games that deliver same effect, Shakey McGee pretends to be of the game like SMG.

Scary Maze Game


SMG is not the regular computer game, in fact, it is one of the most original games ever made in gaming industry. There are no levels to reach, no armor to find, no monsters to kill, no racing, no puzzle solving. Game is unique, it is designed to make you laugh (after you wet your pants though) and to have laugh at your friends. Totally recommended for EVERYONE: kids, teens, adults, everyone : )


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